Semyon Bychkov

Semyon Bychkov: Czech Philharmonic Announcement Speech

27. 10. 2017 •

"But you know, ladies and gentlemen, after this kind of appeal, after this kind of introduction, after everything that I lived with these people on stage where there were moments of such indescribable beauty on that stage that you say to yourself how beautiful it is to be alive and to receive it. And when that appeal comes to you, there is no other choice but to accept gratefully and try to imagine how you can make sure that the world always recognises this Orchestra as a treasure."From the speech of Semyon Bychkov

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Semyon Bychkov | Photo Petra Hajska

There is Much More to Tchaikovsky’s Music than Meets the Eye

24. 5. 2017 • Dina Šnejdarová

When the conductor Semyon Bychkov was asked to record the complete symphonic works of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky with the Czech Philharmonic for the Decca label, he did not take too long to think it over. The orchestra’s unique sound and the modesty of its players sparked a desire for collaboration in this great expert on Tchaikovsky’s music.

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The conductor Manfred Honeck

Manfred Honeck: Music has something in common with a feeling for language

27. 3. 2017 • Dina Šnejdarová

Manfred Honeck brings light to the Lenten season with the optimism of Antonín Dvořák’s Symphony No. 8 and of W. A. Mozart’s Symphony No. 33, complementing the colorful lyricism of Richard Strauss’s Four Last Songs sung by the great German soprano Christiane Karg. The concerts have become, among other things, an opportunity for Maestro Honeck’s personal retrospection on his tenure so far as Principal Guest Conductor, which reached its apex last season.

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Andrei Ioniţă | foto Daniel Delang

Andrei Ioniţă and his cello dreams come true

1. 2. 2017 • Dina Šnejdarová

The Czech Philharmonic never tires in its search for new talent. It offers its audiences a glimpse into the world of international competitions and the budding careers of their winners whose performances energize and freshen up its own playing and help keep the Philharmonic in top musical shape. For its concert on February 18, part of the series called “Discoveries”, the orchestra has chosen the best of the best, inviting one of the brightest stars of the contemporary cello scene, Andrei Ioniţă from Romania.

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David Robertson, the conductor

David Robertson: Messiaen’s music changed my musical world

24. 11. 2016 • Dina Šnejdarová

The Czech Philharmonic will be opening the pre-Christmas season with one of the most noteworthy musical disquisitions on love, life, and death, the Turangalîla-Symphonie by the French composer Olivier Messiaen. Nearly seventy years after its premiere, the orchestra will be presenting the work at the Rudolfinum with artists whose careers have been heavily influenced by the music of this composer, in part thanks to personal encounters with him. The conductor for the concerts on 7–9 December will be David Robertson, and Pierre-Laurent Aimard will be at the piano.

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Czech Philharmonic on tour in Japan

Czech Philharmonic on tour of Japan

18. 11. 2015 • Petr Kadlec, Alžběta Lupíšková

On  24 October 2015, the Czech Philharmonic departed for a concert tour of Japan. When it returned, on 5 November, it had played 8 concerts in sold-out Japanese halls, had travelled thousands of kilometres by road and air and had brought back memories of many artistic and social events, including some new culinary experiences. The tour was a demanding one for everyone, but its success was huge and well deserved.

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The medal in a box with Rafael Kubelík's signature

A medal worth more than its worth

7. 3. 2015 • Jakub Raš

Some things have interesting histories. Like this medal from the 1960s: its precious metal seems to reflect a dramatic chapter of our country's past as it interweaves with the life stories of three people and the history of the Czech Philharmonic.

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Bohuslav Martinů, the Composer

What men live by – a rare revival of Martinu’s 1952 pastoral opera

8. 12. 2014 •

It has been several decades now since Bohuslav Martinů’s opera What Men Live By was last performed in composer’s home country. In December 2014, the Czech Philharmonic will perform the piece in its Czech concert premiere under the baton of Jiří Bělohlávek.

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The Czech Philharmonic on a tour of the United States

The Czech Philharmonic and its US tours

6. 11. 2014 • Tomáš Pospíchal

The Czech Philharmonic is currently on a tour of the United States that will culminate on 17 November with a concert in Washington's National Cathedral. On 16 November the orchestra will appear in the famous Carnegie Hall, playing the equally famous New World Symphony by Antonín Dvořák. The following article gives a brief overview of the orchestra's previous tours across the Atlantic.

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